What You Will Learn in Crochet Basics and Beyond

This virtual on-demand class will teach you all about the versatility of using yarn and a crochet hook to make pretty much any shape your heart desires. You will start by learning about the crochet hook and yarn, then go on to the basic crochet stitch. Once you understand the basics, we will work on 3 step-by-step projects to put your skills into practice!

Learn All About

  • Basic Crochet Tools
  • Choosing your Yarn
  • Foundation Crochet Stitches
  • Crocheting in the Round
  • Textured Crochet Stitches
  • Changing Yarns
  • Finishing and Blocking Projects

What Is Included

  • Hours of video content.
  • 3 class projects with PDF's to make your own crochet projects.
  • Unlimited access to your course content!

A photo of Dorian

Meet your Instructor

As a teenager, Dorian learned to crochet from her grandma.

She has become an avid crocheter, enthusiastic instructor and sometimes designer. Originally from Alaska, she now makes her home in Colorado where she enjoys crocheting, camping and craft beer.

You can find her on Ravelry as dkowen and Instagram as @dorianowen.

Class Projects

Dorian holding a scarf to the camera

Take the basic stitches you learned and make your own scarf! Dorian will show you how to combine multiple different techniques to make your first project!

Dorian wearing a sample of the crochet hat

The hat project allows you to master crocheting in the round. Practice how to increase stitches in this project and make a cute hat for colder weather!

Dorian holding a granny square up to the camera
Granny Square

Finally, we will go over the quintessential granny square! Practice this foundational crochet technique and use it to make many projects including scarfs, blankets, bags, and much more!

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